Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I like your drawers

I LOVE this dresser. LOVE. I've seen a lot of dressers where they paint the drawers different colors, but unless you know what you're doing, those tend to look pretty cheesy. But THIS, this is beautiful and doesn't seem TOO hard to DIY. Found it at apartmenttherapy.com.

Before you say, "Jigga! That ain't no drawer," allow me to save you the embarassment--it's drawer from a letterpress chest. All of the little compartments are for the different letters of the alphabet! These drawers hold a special place in my heart (my graphic design geek is showing) and I recently picked one up at my local flea market! I love it and I'm so glad I came across this is a great idea to display my collection of jewelry. I like the contrast between rough, warn wood and beautiful, shiny treasures. I found it at a spanish blog: petunia.typepad.com--I can't understand what else she's saying, but this picture says everything I need to know. :)

This is a great idea to give life and use to some old dresser drawers. I like how they lined the backs, too. Go to casasugar.com to see the before and after.

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Veronica TM said...

thank you for linking to my blog!
just wanted to let you know that i write it in both spanish and english, so nobody gets lost!
love your blog.