Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fleamarket Style

A while back, the beautiful blog, Design is Mine, posted a collection of photos that I just love. They're all interiors decorated with beautiful things found at the fleamarket, at least that's what they look like. I love finding some unused, unloved item at a fleamarket or garage sale and giving it a new context and new life. Check out the really inspiring post by clicking here!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Neat Collage DIY

This is a simple and impressive DIY project that would make a great gift, too! You could include items that are meaningful to you and the recipient, but not too meaningful 'cause you're gonna spray paint them! I guess you don't HAVE to paint them, but it gives it a cohesive feel if you do.

For more pictures and full instructions, head on over to!

The bedroom dreams are made in

I love this bedroom so much. Full of light and life and cute handbags...perfect. Found it at Apartment Therapy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Get your rolly finger ready, 'cause this is a long'un.

Ros-Marie 2: Lisa Bengtsson (sorry, I don't know where to buy this)
I'm totally in love with this wallpaper. If I had it in my house, I wouldn't have a tv--I'd just stare at it all day and be completely happy. Found at

Isn't this crazy?! I wish I knew what it was called or where to find it. I know it's a Josef Frank design, found at There's probably more information there. Sorry, lazy. :)

Fairy Flower (gold): Ferm Living
I love almost every paper at this store. They're really organic and fun and this one is fun, but kinda subtle, too, which I like.

Serious Bokay: Nama Rococo
Man, this collection is great. There is one called Random Geometry that I might do math for (get it, 'cause it's called Random Geometry, but I don't like math, but I love it so much I'd be willing to do math for it...lame, I know :).

Woods: Cole & Son
So cool. Love the strong verticle lines but also the organic, earthy feel.

Knit: Cavern Home
This wallpaper is hand screenprinted and named "knit," which makes it even cooler. They also have a really cool feather design that I really like.

Amaze: Hygge & West
Love this too. Reminds me of a map or blueprints or something, but drawn by a kid, like anything is possible. I love it and there are a bunch more colors.

I found this image over at, but it's not so much the specific papers that I like, but the way they put them on the wall, in segments, like a collage. Such a great idea, 'cause you could use remnants or even old wallpaper sample books!

Jon Burgerman Wallpaper: nineteenseventythree
This paper is a lot of fun, but I think it might drive me crazy if I messed up. Found it at (NOT!)

Frames: Taylor & Wood
Along the same lines as the coloring book wallpaper above, I like the idea of this, but I'd be scared I'd fill a frame with something stupid of mess and then I'd have to rip the whole paper down or something and that might drive me crazy. But I still think it's neat.

For the papers I didn't have a "found at" link, I probably found through this post at, yes, There are tons more, so get lookin!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I take it back. THIS is what I want my house of the future to be like. I love the wall mural. It totally reminds me of the Sharpie Basement, which reminds me that I've been sitting on some really great wallpaper and wall art ideas, which should be my next post, so stay tuned! :)

Found this posted over at (not Apartment Therapy).