Thursday, March 5, 2009


Get your rolly finger ready, 'cause this is a long'un.

Ros-Marie 2: Lisa Bengtsson (sorry, I don't know where to buy this)
I'm totally in love with this wallpaper. If I had it in my house, I wouldn't have a tv--I'd just stare at it all day and be completely happy. Found at

Isn't this crazy?! I wish I knew what it was called or where to find it. I know it's a Josef Frank design, found at There's probably more information there. Sorry, lazy. :)

Fairy Flower (gold): Ferm Living
I love almost every paper at this store. They're really organic and fun and this one is fun, but kinda subtle, too, which I like.

Serious Bokay: Nama Rococo
Man, this collection is great. There is one called Random Geometry that I might do math for (get it, 'cause it's called Random Geometry, but I don't like math, but I love it so much I'd be willing to do math for it...lame, I know :).

Woods: Cole & Son
So cool. Love the strong verticle lines but also the organic, earthy feel.

Knit: Cavern Home
This wallpaper is hand screenprinted and named "knit," which makes it even cooler. They also have a really cool feather design that I really like.

Amaze: Hygge & West
Love this too. Reminds me of a map or blueprints or something, but drawn by a kid, like anything is possible. I love it and there are a bunch more colors.

I found this image over at, but it's not so much the specific papers that I like, but the way they put them on the wall, in segments, like a collage. Such a great idea, 'cause you could use remnants or even old wallpaper sample books!

Jon Burgerman Wallpaper: nineteenseventythree
This paper is a lot of fun, but I think it might drive me crazy if I messed up. Found it at (NOT!)

Frames: Taylor & Wood
Along the same lines as the coloring book wallpaper above, I like the idea of this, but I'd be scared I'd fill a frame with something stupid of mess and then I'd have to rip the whole paper down or something and that might drive me crazy. But I still think it's neat.

For the papers I didn't have a "found at" link, I probably found through this post at, yes, There are tons more, so get lookin!

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Trish said...

i like that color in wallpaper, how fun is that! That would definitely be if you didn't have a tv :)

your linked into my blog now :) i'm watchin' you now I'll know when you are updated!

btw you gave my rolley finger a real workout!

love ya