Monday, February 2, 2009

HOTW: Orange & Green = Super Keen

This is an apartment, not technically a house, but i still love it. The simple color palette really ties the small space together. I love the use of necklaces as a trim around the room. The floral art pinned to the wall would be so easy to replicate! It looks like they just ripped them out of a book--something to keep in mind when the walls are blank and the budget it tight.

The whole place just has an airy, natural, unlabored feel to it. It'd make everyday feel like a tropical getaway without the crowded beaches and skimpy suits!

For more pictures (check out the bedroom--very dramatic), head on over to

Sidenote: I realize all of my posts lately have been from AT which is dangerous for me because all (3) followers of this blog could just start following AT and drop ME! I think I'll start posting art I like too, to keep things interesting--art goes on the walls, right?

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