Thursday, December 18, 2008

Branching Out with Beds

I love this bed post idea. It wouldn't be too hard to make it out of actual branches either, which I think I'd like a little better.

I found this picture over here with a bunch of other crazy lookin' beds.

I also really like these two beds. The swing bed cause it looks like so much fun and the hide-away one for the extra space. I found these over here.


maggs said...

i love all these beds!
theyre so cool, where did you find them? Especially the tree branch one, i love that one:]

imuhwinner said...

Aren't they awesome?! I hope I can have something like one of these when I get a place.
But anyway, if you click on the "here" of "click here" in the sentence after the picture, it should take you to where I found them.
Thanks for watching my blog! Come back, now, ya hear?! :)