Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been completely neglecting this blog, I think, because:

1. I'm lazy. That's not a secret, but let's just get that out there right away. Blogging consistently is always a struggle for me.
2. I've been living in the same, uninspiring apartment for two years. Roommates kind of took over and gave the apartment their own look, and while I did what I could to my room, it never really felt like my space. Because of this,
3. Seeing beautiful, creative, happy homes kind of made me sad, in the same way a diabetic might feel working at a candy factory. I couldn't have any of it and it started getting to me, so I just stopped looking.

But, never fear, my hope (and hopefully semi-regular posting) has returned! What has spurred this sudden bought of interior design enthusiasm, you ask? Well, thanks for asking. It's good to know you still care, dear reader, even after months of inattention. You really are a good friend. But to the answer, as of August 15th, I will be the proud tenant of my very own apartment!

I'm really excited about moving because:

1. The new apartment is on a street named "Willowbranch Terrace." Isn't that sweet? I can't wait to write that as my street address.
2. Packing = purging! I'll get to purge a bunch of my junk. I love feeling lighter, organized, and at the very least, cleaner!
3. No more hour commute! I'll save two hours a day! My plan is to join the local YMCA and start getting active. And maybe I'll actually start eating in every once in a while too! New place, new me!
4. The area of Jacksonville I'll be living in, Riverside, is really neat. There are tons of shops, restaurants, bars and just fun things to do. I can't wait to explore the place. AND, every Saturday there is a really neat farmer's market about a mile away that I plan to visit OFTEN.
5. (this is the best) I'll have my own place for the first time in my life! No more roommates! No more stupid angel figurines taking up precious bookshelf space (unless they're MY stupid angel figurines)! No more baby pictures of babies I don't even know! I'll get to decorate with my aesthetic, clean when(n)ever I feel like, basically, do whatever, however and whenever I want! Bake a cake at 3AM? Yep, I can do that. Dance party in the shower? Uh huh, done and done. Living room mural of a unicorn playing badminton?! Ye--well, no, I still can't do that--can't paint the walls--but I could paint some canvas and hang it all over that wall!

Now, the apartment is cozy, REALLY cozy if you know what I mean, but I don't mind. Less area to clean, right? And the kitchen is about the size of my current pantry, but it's really cute. It has a black and white checked floor, just like the one my aunt had when I was growing up. The rest of the place has really nice hard-wood floors and good lighting (not mention the rent is a steal). Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon. I think I'm gonna go by and get some measurements tonight, for curtains and wall lengths and, you know, just general info to make sure my furniture, and anything I might buy, will fit.

So, be on the lookout for more posts from Mouse with a House. I already have some really neat DIY projects lined up and ton of other stuff. EEE! I can't wait! I'm off to start packing! :)


jessica said...

Congratulations!!! I'm very excited for you. I know you're gonna make it your own!

sarah said...

i did the same thing. moved to riverside into my first apartment alone and i LOVED it. no one to tell you when to clean, no one making noise = sleeping in till 2pm, and decorating in your own style!!! good luck with the move & making the place your own! tip: southern crossings antique store @ park & king. the best.

Stephanie B said...

Thats so awesome! Can't wait to see it!!!

Trish said...


Anonymous said...

Yay! Your cousin Derek and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this :D, you are a great writer! I can't wait to see it and sleep in it and bake in it!!!