Monday, August 31, 2009


Basically, I'm poor and I need some light in my apartment. So, here's some DIY lighting ideas. Above: DIY Dutch Lighting {Apartment Therapy}

Lamps from garbage! These would look really great in my kitchen. {CribCandy}

Paper lanterns or ugly shades covered in paper! {Apartment Therapy} & {Apartment Therapy}

DIY Pendant Light! This one's my favorite. I think I might actually do it. It looks super easy. The hardest part would be figuring out the actual light, which I think I could handle. {} & {CraftyNest}


...are weird. I've been living in a house for so long with other late night people, that I've forgotten how to be considerate to other working people. First of all, I'd just like to say that I don't think I'm being loud. It's 10:00pm. I have my music at a very reasonable level (barely audible to me) and I'm just putzing around the kitchen, when I hear a knock on the door, reprimanding me for being too loud, saying, "Some people have to work in the morning." So do I, but I don't say that. I just apologize and turn my music off.

Part of me wants to be a good neighbor and keep respectable hours, but most of me wants to do what I want, when I want, how I want, and not give a crap about my crotchety old neighbors. We'll see which part wins in the end. :)

My street has a pet and his name is Duck Duck. He is a duck. He is cute. He likes kettle corn. I like him. :)

Last night I started to get my kitchen in order and I think I'm in love. The kitchen in my last house was so terrible, I couldn't stand drinking a glass of water in it, let alone making dinner or eating any kind of meal in it. My new kitchen is small, for sure, but it's cozy and efficient and just what I need. When I'm alone in the apartment, I find myself spending more time in the kitchen than in any other room. This is mainly due to my AMAZING boyfriend, who found the perfect table and chair set that fits right in the corner. I love reading, checking my email, and even EATING at this table. :)

Also last night, I made a pasta salad and was really happy with the organization and placement of all my kitchen supplies. It made cooking really enjoyable, so hopefully I'll be doing a lot more of it! There are only a few cupboards, most being open without any doors, so I was worried about having enough room for all my junk, but I have a lot more space than I originally thought. Yay!

Also, I really love my open cupboards. 1. They give me another venue for display. Last night while grocery shopping I found myself looking for items in the prettiest, coolest packaging. I usually do this anyway, being a graphic designer, but even stuff like dried basil or tomato sauce can add to the aesthetic of my kitchen now! and 2. They force me to keep everything relatively organized and I need to be forced.

Dude, those things suck. I came home last night and they were swarming SWARMING my half full garbage can. Yuck. I think I need a smaller garbage can. and a fly swatter.

Love it. It's so cute with its arts and craft homes, trees and parks. SO MANY PARKS. When it gets cooler out, I can't wait to walk the little streets to see all the cute houses closer up. Almost everyday, Sean and I go on little adventures to get to know the neighborhood a little better. Yesterday we went to Micheal's Deli for lunch, a little hole-in-the-wall with really great tabouli. There are so many places like that I want to try.

On University and San Jose. A friend of Sean's turned us onto this AMAZING bar-b-que place. It's seriously the best BBQ I've ever EVER had. If you go, get the ribs. Once we went and I ordered something other than ribs, which was still good, but wasn't ribs, and Sean let me have one of his. That's when I knew he really liked me. Now, "ribs" is our term of endearment. Seriously. They are that good. :)

So, in conclusion, I'm loving my new place. Yay. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon, but if I don't, you'll all just have to come over and see it for yourself! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


So, as some of you may have gleaned from my last post, I am now living in a new rented apartment. The walls are white and off-white and because it is a rental, I can't paint. I know, bummer. So I've been trying to come up with alternatives to painting that will bring some color into my new space. Here's what I've come up with so far:

The above picture is actually a paneling made of duct tape. And while black isn't a color I want to surround myself with, I know from my duct tape prom dress fiasco that the stuff comes in tons of other colors, even neon pink! And, actually, I bet the classic silver would be really cool looking, too. {Apartment Therapy How-to}

These "frames" are painted on, but the same effect could easily be accomplished with colored masking tape or painter's tape. I think it's a cool way to add some interest, but not a lot of color. {Apartment Therapy}

Can you tell what those stripes are? If you said paint, you haven't been paying attention, and you definitely missed my genius post-title. Nope, it ain't paint, they're crepe paper streamers! This wouldn't be a good idea for a high traffic wall because they're only secured with a piece of double-sided tape at the top and bottom, but it would be great behind a couch or bed or something. It'd be fun to do a plaid or checkered pattern, too. {Apartment Therapy}

And that brings us to my last and favorite paint-free option: Removable wall paper!

That's right! Temporary, non-permanent, wallpaper. There are tons of cute colors and patterns. The only negative is the price (averaging $70 a roll!). But, I imagine it's just like contact paper, which they have at dollar stores and can sometimes come in cute, non-country apple patterns. I'm gonna be on the look-out and if any of you find a cute one, let me know! {Apartment Therapy}

Monday, August 10, 2009


I've been completely neglecting this blog, I think, because:

1. I'm lazy. That's not a secret, but let's just get that out there right away. Blogging consistently is always a struggle for me.
2. I've been living in the same, uninspiring apartment for two years. Roommates kind of took over and gave the apartment their own look, and while I did what I could to my room, it never really felt like my space. Because of this,
3. Seeing beautiful, creative, happy homes kind of made me sad, in the same way a diabetic might feel working at a candy factory. I couldn't have any of it and it started getting to me, so I just stopped looking.

But, never fear, my hope (and hopefully semi-regular posting) has returned! What has spurred this sudden bought of interior design enthusiasm, you ask? Well, thanks for asking. It's good to know you still care, dear reader, even after months of inattention. You really are a good friend. But to the answer, as of August 15th, I will be the proud tenant of my very own apartment!

I'm really excited about moving because:

1. The new apartment is on a street named "Willowbranch Terrace." Isn't that sweet? I can't wait to write that as my street address.
2. Packing = purging! I'll get to purge a bunch of my junk. I love feeling lighter, organized, and at the very least, cleaner!
3. No more hour commute! I'll save two hours a day! My plan is to join the local YMCA and start getting active. And maybe I'll actually start eating in every once in a while too! New place, new me!
4. The area of Jacksonville I'll be living in, Riverside, is really neat. There are tons of shops, restaurants, bars and just fun things to do. I can't wait to explore the place. AND, every Saturday there is a really neat farmer's market about a mile away that I plan to visit OFTEN.
5. (this is the best) I'll have my own place for the first time in my life! No more roommates! No more stupid angel figurines taking up precious bookshelf space (unless they're MY stupid angel figurines)! No more baby pictures of babies I don't even know! I'll get to decorate with my aesthetic, clean when(n)ever I feel like, basically, do whatever, however and whenever I want! Bake a cake at 3AM? Yep, I can do that. Dance party in the shower? Uh huh, done and done. Living room mural of a unicorn playing badminton?! Ye--well, no, I still can't do that--can't paint the walls--but I could paint some canvas and hang it all over that wall!

Now, the apartment is cozy, REALLY cozy if you know what I mean, but I don't mind. Less area to clean, right? And the kitchen is about the size of my current pantry, but it's really cute. It has a black and white checked floor, just like the one my aunt had when I was growing up. The rest of the place has really nice hard-wood floors and good lighting (not mention the rent is a steal). Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon. I think I'm gonna go by and get some measurements tonight, for curtains and wall lengths and, you know, just general info to make sure my furniture, and anything I might buy, will fit.

So, be on the lookout for more posts from Mouse with a House. I already have some really neat DIY projects lined up and ton of other stuff. EEE! I can't wait! I'm off to start packing! :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ART: Organic Angles

Rocky Mountains Drawing No. 2, Jaime Derringer, 2007.

Ochi, Michelle Armas

Shark? (I don't know the title of this piece, I saw it when The Selby went to his flat. What am I, british now? House, when the Selby went to his house.), Xavier Veilhan

Mini Print Set, Olivia Jeffries

For the past year I've been seeing a lot of this multi-sided, rhombus-rific geometric pattern and I love it. It's structured but still kind of free-flowing and random. I've seen TONS more than just the works I've posted here, but these are some I could track down. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love this.

It's just so beautiful and kind of sad, not just because the tree had to be cut down to make it. Like a finger print, it's the most unique thing about the owner, yet treated so formally and frankly, completely exposed--I don't know.

Apart from my bullshit quasi-critique, the organic lines, shape, and simple process involved in making the print are really great, too. Nature really is the greatest artist (I know, so cheesy, but frickin' true, man!).

ANYwayzz, I just want to make sure I remember this if I ever happen across a freshly cut tree with ink, a roller and paper handy. :)

Check out more photos at Ashes and Milk.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fleamarket Style

A while back, the beautiful blog, Design is Mine, posted a collection of photos that I just love. They're all interiors decorated with beautiful things found at the fleamarket, at least that's what they look like. I love finding some unused, unloved item at a fleamarket or garage sale and giving it a new context and new life. Check out the really inspiring post by clicking here!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Neat Collage DIY

This is a simple and impressive DIY project that would make a great gift, too! You could include items that are meaningful to you and the recipient, but not too meaningful 'cause you're gonna spray paint them! I guess you don't HAVE to paint them, but it gives it a cohesive feel if you do.

For more pictures and full instructions, head on over to!